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The Wurfrahmen, which literally means "Throwing Frame," was Germany's answer to the Russian Katyusha rocket launching vehicle. By attaching a specialized launch rack to a SdKfz 251 fighting vehicle, the Germans had quickly created a mobile rocket platform nicknamed "Stuka zu Fuss" ("Stuka by foot") for its ability to deal massive amounts of damage while maintaining a high level of mobility. The Wurfrahmen fires 280mm or 300mm explosive rockets, or 320mm incendiary rockets.


The chassis of the Sdkfz 251 is again put to good use, this time as a mobile rocket launcher. The Wurfrahmen 40 featured side-mounted rocket launchers, while the Wurfrahmen auf Infanterieschlepper sported a rear-mounted frame for launching rockets and resembles the unit seen in War Front.


  • Pros: Cheap, long-range artillery unit that can be ordered to bombard any spot on the battlefield. A great choice for mobile base defense because it doesn't drain valuable power supplies.
  • Cons: A bit thin in terms of armor, and because it is artillery its projectiles take a while to reach the target.
  • Bottom Line: An excellent value in terms of resources and production time. You'll probably be using this even when the Hummel is available.


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