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The Stuka dive bomber was one of the more recognized aircrafts of the war. Its unique ability to dive at a 70 degree angle made it almost impossible to be hit by anti-aircraft fire, however it was unable to defend itself in air-to-air combat.


For thousands of Allied soldiers, the Stuka’s trademark siren meant it was time to take cover. But the German dive bomber earned its deadly reputation early in the war, when the Luftwaffe had unchallenged air superiority. When improved Allied fighters arrived, the Stuka’s slow speed and sluggish maneuverability led to extremely high loss rates in the last two to three years of the war.


  • Pros: An adequate ground-attack aircraft, especially adept at hitting moving targets.
  • Cons: Like the Me 262, it’s fairly expensive for its class; unlike the Allied P-38 Lightning, there’s no way to upgrade its bomb-only capability.
  • Bottom Line: Just as in real life, the Stuka is not up to par with the ground-support airplanes of the Allies or the Soviet Union.


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