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The infantry units of the Soviet Red Army are always in the first line. They’re cheap, equipped with old machine guns and because of the lack of training they can only be used effectively in great numbers.


How many men could the Soviets deploy into battle? Consider this: by December 1, 1941, the Russians suffered between four and five million casualties — but after all that they managed to have 280 rifle and cavalry divisions and 44 tank or mechanized brigades in the field for a counterattack. About 500,000 men a month were drafted into the war until its end.


  • Pros: There’s nothing that elevates these troopers over the Allied and German soldiers, but they’re produced slightly more quickly — and when you’re producing a lot, “slightly” matters.
  • Cons: The same as with any infantry unit: they’re fodder for armored units and practically useless against buildings.
  • Bottom Line: Red Army Infantry can prove useful throughout a battle because they can capture buildings and vehicles, and they are the only ground troops available for paratroop drops.

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