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The Rangers are the elite infantry of the Allied Forces, equipped with M3 Springfield elite sniper rifles. They can shoot enemy units from a long range, and they are excellent scouts. With the high explosive bombs upgrade, they can easily destroy any building.


Rangers are the Allied army's elite foot soldiers, equal to any enemy troops they might face.


  • Pros: They either kill or heavily wound enemies with a single shot, have a much longer firing range than other U.S. infantry, and their High Explosives ability allows them to destroy buildings with satchel charges.
  • Cons: Considerably more expensive than MG Infantry or Bazooka Troopers, and they're susceptible to enemy fire when placing bombs at a target.
  • Bottom Line: If a building lacks enough protection to prevent a Ranger from planting High Explosives, you could probably use cheaper MF Infantry to capture it. But their long range makes them ideal for protecting a base against enemies attempting sneak attacks to destroy or capture your buildings.


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