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In 1938, the Messerschmitt Corporation was given the order to develop a jet-powered aircraft for the Luftwaffe. The Me 262 was the only jet-powered plane to become available during the war, and its incredible combat-readiness made it the pride of the German Air Force.


If not for Adolf Hitler’s insistence that the Me 262 be developed as a bomber, it might have entered the war much sooner — and that could have had a major impact on the outcome of the air war over Germany. Instead, the first operational jet fighter didn’t see action until August, 1944, and by then the massive number of Allied bombers meant it had to focus on them rather on dogfighting.


  • Pros: A speedy interceptor that matches up well against enemy fighters, and it can put a major hurt on bombers.
  • Cons: Fairly expensive, and its ground-support role is limited to attacking infantry and light armor.
  • Bottom Line: Despite its limitations, you should always have a few of these at your disposal to protect your Stukas from Mustangs and Yak-9s.


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