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The Panzerkampfwagen VIII or Maus is the German heavy tank with a very heavy armour and a 128mm Main Gun with great firepower, however it is very slow and not suited for fast paced assaults.


The heaviest tank to be developed into a working prototype during World War II, the Maus wielded a mighty 128mm cannon and a 75mm coaxial gun and sported steel armor that was 240mm thick in some places. If it had been used in the war, its weight would have been too great for many bridges. The Germans planned for it to ford rivers or, if they were too deep, to submerge and cross on the bottom, using snorkels for air and cables attached to another Maus for electrical power.


  • Pros: Super-heavy armor gives it staying power, and that big cannon gives it major killing power. You can't ask for more in a tank.
  • Cons: Slower than the Tiger, so it's not well-suited for fast-moving operations; it also takes longer to produce.
  • Bottom Line: This is the tank to build if you have the resources, time, and are planning a straightforward assault.


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