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The Allied MG infantry is the first line infantry of the Allied Army, equipped with a Thompson machine gun. The Infantry units are cheap, relatively fast and effective in large squads.

The Allied infantry is also able to capture buildings, making them very dangerous and effective against enemy bases.


The basic foot soldier of the Allied forces can be produced cheaply and fairly quickly. MG Infantry are effective against enemy infantry and light vehicles.


  • Pros: With the Capture Buildings ability upgrade, you can use MG Infantry to seize both buildings and vehicles.
  • Cons: Highly vulnerable to any type of weapon-bearing vehicle, and it's a good thing they can capture buildings: Their lack of firepower means it takes them quite a while to bring down any enemy structures.
  • Bottom Line: One of the few Tech Level 1 units you'll still be producing at the end of the game because of its Capture Buildings skill.


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