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The Kharkov-Rampager is the massive super-heavy tank of the Soviet Red Army.


After the Turning Point, the inferior Soviet tanks were nearly decimated by the Allied and German forces. The catastrophic outcome of the Battle of Berlin, gave the incentive for Comrade General Stalin to address the general assembly and discuss the next generation flagship of the Soviet ground forces; the Kharkov main battle tank.

Twenty Shermans or any of the other known enemy tank is hardly a match for Kharkov, state of the art weaponry. Its equipment includes one 120mm main, two 85mm secondary and two 75mm tertiary turrets. The Kharkov is supported by a next generation servo system, an advanced dual power plant, an experimental engine system and reinforced tri-steel armor.

Among its major contractors are industry giants; Korolev Engineering, Aurora Dynamics, Ural Mining Corporation, People's Camp of Siberia, and the Volkov-Tupoljev Industries. Where Kharkovs are deployed, they quickly put an end to any conflict. They serve as defenders of the Soviet people and the vanguard of the Soviet Motherland.


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