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The Katyusha is a multiple rocket-launcher vehicle nicknamed "Stalin's Organ" due to the alignment of the rocket rails and the near deafening noise of the launch of a rocket volley from it.

The Katyusha's rockets are typically not as accurate as other long range ordinance, though their impact is devestating, especially when employed in large groups in attacks upon armor columns and infantry. The sound of a Katyusha volley being launched is a powerful psychological weapon, feared almost as much as the shriek of a German Stuka dive bomber approaching its target.


Perhaps no images are more associated with Soviet firepower in World War II than footage of rockets screaming from Katyusha launchers. The Germans nicknamed them the Katyusha the “Stalin Organ”, and the rocket-launcher assembly itself could be mounted on almost anything: tractors, flatbed trucks, and even gunboats.


  • Pros: The Katyusha is quickly produced and boasts an amazingly long range, allowing you to drop fire on distant enemy vehicles and fortifications. It also has a surprisingly fast rate of fire.
  • Cons: Flatbed trucks are great for hauling stuff, but they don’t hold up too well when fired upon: it only takes one or two hits from a tank or several Bazookas/Panzerfausts to finish them off.
  • Bottom Line: It’s difficult to imagine this much firepower for such a low cost. You’ll still be producing this Tech Level 1 unit at the end of even very long battles.


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