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When the young John Lynch graduated as an engineer two years earlier than his schoolmates with a promising career ahead of him, few would have thought how adventurous and unconventional his life would become in just a few years.

He had no trouble getting a job at one of the country's most important aircraft manufacturers as he was regarded the new hotshot in engineering circles. He soon topped every expectation with his unorthodox and groundbreaking design ideas, and oversaw the production of the craziest airplane prototypes of his time. When the Japanese Empire launched its war machine against the United States, he knew where his place was, and joined the army to, as a real patriot, serve his country. Since he wasn't much of a sailor or a marine, he ended up again in the hangars where he was working for the military as a test pilot.

The fall of Great Britain brought a new era in his military career. By winning on the western front, the Nazis could put more effort into their weapons program and carry out their research in Western Europe without any hindrance. A secret commando was formed, nicknamed the “Tech-Raiders”, whose job was to infiltrate the continent, find secret Nazi research facilities and perform smaller raids on them to steal or sabotage enemy technology. Lynch joined this team as an engineering expert.

During the long assignments among the tech-raiders he gradually developed his fighting skills and after an unfortunate mission when the leader of the group died, he had to assume command. Eventually he ascended to the rank of a Colonel and became the top man in the technological war against the Third Reich. Colonel John Lynch is the main hero of the Allied Forces.

His grenade launcher is very effective against infantry, light vehicles and buildings.


  • Ignite: The mini grenade launcher will launch a flame grenade that covers the target area in flames.
  • Quick Repair (Active skill): By activating this skill, Lynch will repair nearby vehicles for 15 seconds.
  • High Explosive (Passive skill): Increases the damage of the grenade launcher by 5.
  • Engineering (Radius): Increases the armor protection of any vehicle by 3 and its damage by 3.

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