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The Ice Spitter is one of the newest experimental weapons of the Soviet Red Army, developed simultaneously with the Winter’s Breath. It carries a huge amount of liquid nitrogen. The Ice Spitter is able to freeze hostile units with its weapon for a long time.


We are all familiar with “dry ice”, a substance cold enough to cause frostbite on contact with skin. Given the incentive to create new superweapons that could turn the tide of war—coupled with the Russian weather—would it be surprising to see a weapon that pushes dry ice from the realm of commercial use into the role of an offensive weapon?


  • Pros: When an Ice Spitter attacks, everyone stops to take notice—because they can’t move even if they wanted to. Works on buildings as well as vehicles.
  • Cons: Aside from freezing objects in place, the Ice Spitter does no damage.
  • Bottom Line: Use it in conjunction with even weak units like the T-70 tank, the ZiS-42, or Molotov infantry: once an object is frozen, it tends to break up easily when hot lead hits it!

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