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The IS-3 Stalin is the common heavy tank of the Soviet Red Army, equipped with heavy armor and weaponry. Developed from the generally successful IS-2 series, this vehicle combines an enormously powerful 122 mm gun with innovative armor design, including the angled glacis plate and flattened hemisphere turret.


When the Soviets saw the new Panther and Tiger tanks deployed by the Germans at the Battle of Kursk in 1943, they knew they needed something with greater firepower and more armor than the T-34. This eventually led to the development of the “Iosif Stalin tank”, or IS series. The IS-2 saw action in World War II, while the IS-3—with its trademark rounded turret and angled front hull—was first shown to western observers at the Allied Victory Parade in Berlin in September, 1945.


  • Pros: Much heavier armor gives the IS-3 greater survivability than the Tiger, and its gun deals out a lot more damage.
  • Cons: Slower than the T-34, and you must upgrade your War Factories to produce them.
  • Bottom Line: An essential unit once the enemy is able to produce heavy tanks.

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