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The Hummel is the German howitzer artillery, which has been built on the older Panzer III chassis. It's able to provide mobile artillery support for friendly ground units from a great distance. The Hummel is very effective against base defenses and buildings.


The fast pace of blitzkrieg combat necessitated the need for self-propelled artillery, and thus was born the Hummel. It offered the firepower of traditional artillery, but could also move fast enough to keep up with Panzer forces that were spearheading breakthroughs in enemy lines.


  • Pros: A true champion when it comes to reducing enemy buildings to rubble.
  • Cons: Neither its ammunition or its howitzer are suited for combat against moving vehicles.
  • Bottom Line: Although it can absorb more damage than the Wurfrahmen, the Hummel still needs the protection of other armored units (or significant numbers of ground troops).


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