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The giant zeppelin is an experimental aircraft. With its aluminum structure, advanced engines, and large air-to-ground artillery cannons, the giant zeppelin is a great threat to every enemy ground unit. It’s only vulnerable to anti-aircraft weaponry and enemy fighters. If a giant zeppelin is shot down, the explosion harms nearby units in a moderate radius.


In the first few years of World War I, Zeppelins were able to drop their bombs almost at will over English soil, but the arrival of faster fighters and incendiary ammo rendered the Zeppelins obsolete. The Giant Zeppelin in War Front is a rigid airship with high-powered cannons and strong armor to protect against fire from AA guns and enemy fighters.


  • Pros: The cannons mounted on the Giant Zeppelin can easily take out super-heavy tanks fielded by the Allies and Russians, and is invaluable in reducing major buildings.
  • Cons: This lumbering craft has a high number of hit points, but unfortunately they bleed away rather quickly when enemy AA guns train their sights on the big target.
  • Bottom Line: Perfect as a heavily armed “guardian angel” traveling above an armored formation that’s equipped with AA vehicles to protect it from enemy fighters.

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