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Elsa grew up in an ordinary civilian family as the youngest, the fourth child, and the only girl after three boys. Her strict upbringing and the masculine environment didn't give much room for her to pursue any girly habits, so she grew up pretty much like her brothers to the great disappointment of her mother.

When the war broke out, her brothers were drafted into the German Wehrmacht. Just like in everything else, she wanted to do the same as they did and was dying to go and fight for the Reich, but of course this was impossible for a female in Germany. She tried to help her brothers as a patriot woman by working in factories and taking up civil service without having any real knowledge of the cause that she really served.

Her eyes were forced open by tragedies that changed her life forever. After just six months, all her brothers had been killed in action, on the front. She slowly realized what the Nazis were doing with her beloved country and to its people. Fueled by hate and anger as a lone freedom fighter, she started a lonely crusade against the Nazis.

When she eventually ran into a deadly trap set by the Gestapo, an unexpected rescuer, Dietrich Preiss, and his members of the newly forged German Resistance arrived and saved her from certain death. Realizing that all of them had a common goal, Elsa joined the Resistance and has served with them ever since. Elsa Adler is the heroine, a young, but talented spy of the German Resistance. She is quick, precise in operations, cautious and a real survivor.


  • Regenerate: Regenerates nearby infantry units 200% faster, and nearby hero units 100% faster.
  • Retreat (Active skill): Increases speed by 15 for 30 sec, and Elsa can’t be killed until the skill is deactivated.
  • Awareness (Passive skill): Increases vision range by 5 and with additional 5 / level.
  • Quoad (Radius): Increases rate of fire by 20% and increases damage taken by the target by 10%. The rate of fire gets additional 10% / level.

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