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The Calliope Sherman is an upgraded version of the standard Sherman tank, equipped with a multi-rocket launcher on its top. The rocket launcher has medium area damage in addition to the Sherman’s tank canon damage, making the Calliope very effective against infantry and buildings too.


By mounting a rack containing 60 4.5" rockets atop a Sherman, the Allies transformed an infantry support tank into a self-propelled artillery piece, dubbed the 'Rocket Launcher T34 Calliope'. The shock effect of this many rockets hitting an enemy location is hard to underestimate, and the Calliope played an important part in the breakthrough in the Po Valley in Italy.


  • Pros: Unlike the standard Sherman, it can lob rockets onto any specified location, be it a spot on the ground or an enemy building.
  • Cons: It might be built on the same chassis as the Sherman, but the Calliope takes a lot more damage from enemy fire. What do you think would happen if an HE round hit that rack of rockets?
  • Bottom Line: One of the coolest-looking units in the game, but you can produce two Priests for less money and get similar results-and at the cost of only one more Army Point.


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