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Born to a British mother working for the Ministry of Defense and an Austrian father who settled down in England between the two wars, she always had a more sophisticated view and a personal connection to the events on the continent that finally lead to the annexation of Austria and the start of a the Second World War.

Her mother who gave much emphasis to a classical education, she was both fluent in German and French. This made her a vital asset to the British Secret Service at the beginning of the war and she was soon enlisted as a spy to be deployed in Nazi occupied France. She was only 23 at the time but soon proved to be a great agent and served an amazing four years undercover in France and Austria. This is something no one else could pull off as the Gestapo started a bloody and brutal manhunt for Allied agents. During these years, she forged a valuable alliance with local Maquis Groups, especially with a daring freedom fighter, Vincent Sagnier.

She even earned certain esteem among them for fending off everyone's flirtation with a cold and devastating glance. Before she realized, she had become one of the most critical connections between the French resistance and the British Intelligence. Anna Herzog is a British undercover agent and the heroine of the Allied Forces. Her main weapons are charm and misdirection.


  • Paralyze: Anna’s shots have a chance to stop a target unit, and slow it down to 50% of its rate of fire.
  • Charm (Active skill): No one can attack the heroine directly for 30 sec.
  • Informer (Passive skill): Gives $100 per 10 sec, and additional $100/level
  • Extended Vision (Radius): Increase friendly units' range of vision by 20% in the heroine's radius.

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