"Your buildings are under attack!"
Andrei Nazarov

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  • Promotion
  • Precision Shot
  • Presence
  • Leadership
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General Andrei Nazarov is a natural born leader of the Soviet Red Army. He is charismatic, a true mastermind and also known as an elite sniper.


Andrei Nazarov is a man of challenges so they say and a born leader. One memorable event during his early years was when he coxed his fellow pupils in his boarding school to break into the local liquor warehouse together on an extremely harsh Russian winter evening. One of Andrei’s biggest passions, his unbounded affection for genuine Russian vodka can be traced to this past event.

Although this raid might not be absolutely free of pretense, as some say for a while the other kids drank themselves into delirious joy, the young Andrei was perched on a rooftop with a silent smile on his face knowing that the chaos they had aroused made him the temporary master of the small town of Novoritjenko. The locals still tell stories about the drunken youngsters singing ‘Polyushka, Polye’ all through the chilly night.

His determination and sense of purpose also defined his future. Being completely beyond control, he found himself in one of the toughest military schools of the Soviet Union. There he finally seemed to settle down and became serious. His precision and self-control best showed itself at the firing range as there was no one else who could shoot more accurately than him, with or without the assistance of a “little” vodka. He not only won a number of bets with this skill but he also drew several followers to himself with it.

As he had been wearing a uniform literally since his childhood, he entered the war as the already renowned comrade-general Nazarov. His successful military career ran in parallel to his political advancement, both managed with the utmost care and guile, and so he soon rose to become Stalin’s right hand.


  • Promotion: 1% chances for every simple unit that gains experience in his Radius to gain a level instantly.
  • Precision shot (Active skill): Shoots the driver from any vehicle making thereby neutralizing it.
  • Presence (Passive skill): Increases command Radius range by 5 meters and with additional 5 meters / level.
  • Leadership (Radius): Increases experience points gained by ground units in combat by 20% and by an additional 15% / level.

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