"Your buildings are under attack!"
Aleksei Mikhalkov

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Hero, assault




Hand-held DShK machine gun



Army points


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Training Camp

  • Burst
  • Berserk
  • Resistance
  • Intimidate
WF Icon Aleksei
The mysterious Aleksei Mikhalkov is one of the greatest heroes of the Soviet Red Army. He is quite effective and deadly against everyone and everything with his handy vehicle-class machine gun.


Very little is known about the Soviet Lion, the Bloodhound of Stalin. His past is a mystery, even for the soldiers of the Soviet Red Army. There are many rumors about Comrade Aleksei Mikhalkov, and it is hard to tell, of course, which story is true and which not.

It is certain Aleksei has spent several years with priests as a child, having no one else to care for him, and it is also widely known that he is an avid and fanatic bear hunter. His time with the priests was very short as they tried to tame the young but already powerful Aleksei, who had regular outbreaks of anger and aggression that he either couldn't or didn't want to control.

At one point he became so fed up with being preached at all the time that he attacked one of his caretakers and broke his spine with a single devastating blow. He had to flee and he had been hiding for years. However, when Stalin came to power and religion was persecuted, Aleksei's sin was no longer a crime.

He finally found his place in the Red Army where his aggression and bloodlust were rewarded and could be lived out entirely.


  • Burst: Shoots multiple targets at once (in a cone in front of its machine gun)
  • Berserk (Active skill): Aleksei receives 300% damage bonus, but damages the hero 5 points per sec.
  • Resistance (Passive skill): Increases hit points by 10 % and decreases damage taken by 1. Each of the stats gain additional 10% to HP and -1 to taken damage/ Level.
  • Intimidate (Radius): Decreases the rate of fire of hostile units by 20% and with additional 20% / level.

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